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Being I-9 compliant and the importance of dealing with I-9 issues

Any employer in this country has to file I-9 forms on behalf of their employees. I-9 forms have to be filed out for every employee regardless of whether they are in the country on a visa or if they are a citizen. Essentially, I-9 forms are a system of verification both for employers and employees. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been using the I-9 system in recent years to crack down on employees are employers who are not compliant.

We can help you during your employment visa application

Let's say that you live in a different country but you want to live in the United States. You're holding down a steady job in your home country, but you also believe that your skills would be of tremendous use here in the U.S. So you look into obtaining an employment visa so that you can move to the U.S. However, you are overwhelmed by the options. There are so many different employment visas out there that it would be understandable if you had no idea which visa to pick.

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