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Software makes applying for US citizenship easier

Advocacy groups for the path to citizenship across California and the rest of America have been working to streamline and improve the immigration process. Although legislative reform appears to have a difficult time coming to fruition, there has still been much progress from the private sector and among various immigration-related groups. For example, one group has automated the specific immigration application used by many prospective new Americans, thereby reducing the arduous task to a series of questions on a website. This has helped many applicants tremendously with both outreach and enrollment.

The Immigration Advocates Network, a resource center that attempts to guide prospective citizens through the immigration process, has produced a free naturalization software program that acts as a clear and understandable way to fill out the USCIS Form N-400 Application for Naturalization. Tutorials and video assistance are also available to answer questions about specific items on the application and help to solve issues of translation.

The software also provides a rough screening, as issues that would raise questions during an interview will be flagged as requiring greater attention from the applicant. This can help to prepare applicants and give them a guide as to what additional documentation may be needed.

Expert assistance is always welcome when attempting to navigate the complex requirements of the American citizenship system. Attorneys with experience in immigration and naturalization may have helped hundreds or even thousands of people on their path to citizenship, and their familiarity with the system may allow them to help the prospective citizen save substantial time and effort. If there is some sort of difficulty attached to the naturalization process, then an attorney's advice might possibly make the difference between acceptance and denial.

Source: New York Daily News, "Free U.S. Citizenship Program Makes Naturalization Process Easier," Allan Wernick, March 11, 2016

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