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October 2014 Archives

LA Convention Center hosts myriad new naturalized citizens

On Tuesday, there were many people at the Los Angeles Convention Center putting the final tocuhes on their U.S. Citizenship. It was a major moment in all of their lives, and it will be a day that they won't soon regret. But there was also another positive outcome from that citizenship ceremony: there were people on hand to help the newly-minted citizens to get registered for the upcoming election.

Have a lawyer by your side while applying for citizenship

People who are citizens of the United States and didn't have to go through an application process to obtain it really don't understand just what a privilege they have. There are millions of good people in other countries who would love to become U.S. citizens, but simply don't have the resources to obtain it, or they are overlooked during the process of trying to get citizenship.

On 'regional centers' and what they mean for investor visas

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about the different types of investor visas that are available. The specifics of each type vary, but in a general sense, it is safe to assume that if you want to obtain an investor visa, you will need to make a significant financial contribution to a commercial enterprise and/or have that investment create a certain number of jobs.

4-year-old deported, suffers PTSD because of immigration official

The subject of immigration sadly tends to bring disturbing stories and depressing tales to the table. Confusing policies and negligent customs officials create this sort of stigma. However, the following story is one of the most disturbing and shocking immigration stories we have ever heard.

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