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Justice Department asks for delay of DACA injunction

Texas and six other states (none of which are California) have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration seeking to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the 2012 program created by the Obama administration to protect 700,000 young immigrants who entered the country from being deported.

Common red flags in a K-1 fiancé visa application

If you’ve fallen in love with an American and want to come to the U.S. to get married, you have a deep emotional interest in getting your visa application accepted. The success of this application can have life-changing implications on your future as a couple.

New Immigration Policy Could Separate Children From Parent

Candidate Donald Trump made the issue of border security a cornerstone of his presidential campaign. Now the latest salvo in the Trump administration’s ongoing campaign to discourage illegal crossings is that every person caught illegally crossing the border will now face federal prosecution, regardless of whether they have their children with them. In the past, families crossing the border would be detained together, charged with a misdemeanor federal offense, and then later released rather than prosecuting them.

The shifting demographics of US immigrants

In the 242 years since it was founded, the United States has become a destination for immigrants all over the world. The country is now known as a cultural melting pot that is home to hundreds of cultures. In fact, the U.S.’s population is now composed of 15 percent of foreign-born residents.

Fact-checking Trump’s latest claims about immigration

President Donald Trump recently made several controversial and unsubstantiated claims about immigration. He spoke to several reporters on Tuesday, then taking to Twitter to unleash a barrage of misleading and incorrect information related to immigration policy. The reaction to his statements was swift: Anti-immigration activists latched on to his claims while reporters, policymakers, immigration activists and immigrants repeatedly presented evidence to refute his falsehoods.

ICE may be using Facebook to monitor immigrants

Facebook is currently embroiled in a major scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, the data mining firm that sought to influence the U.S. Presidential election by using millions of Facebook users’ personal data. But there is another controversy involving Facebook and users’ private information that has largely flown under the radar. A new report indicates that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may be using the social media platform to identify, monitor and locate immigrants.

What is the visa process for visitors to California?

For Californians who have family members living in other countries, visits are very precious. It is probably rare to travel out of the country to visit family, or to have relatives fly to the U.S. for a brief stay. When your relatives do fly in, you want to make sure that their stay goes as smoothly s possible.

Trump talks immigration, sanctuary policies in California visit

Following a recent lawsuit against California from the Justice Department, President Donald Trump visited San Diego’s Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on Tuesday to discuss immigration. The president doubled down on his administration’s tough immigration policies and had harsh words against states such as California that have passed legislation to protect undocumented immigrants.

No economic difference between merit-based and family-based visas

A new study has found that there is no significant difference between the benefits that family-based immigration and merit-based immigration provide to the U.S. economy. The study’s findings run contrary to President Donald Trump’s insistence that the economy would benefit from an immigration system that was solely based on merit. The study, authored by a law professor at Rutgers University, found several other important facts about family-based and merit-based immigration.

California has 3 of the top 10 cities in the US for immigrants

It is no secret that the Trump administration has ramped up its efforts against immigration. The administration’s widespread crackdown has made it difficult for many immigrants to find a safe and welcoming home in the country that they love.To combat the widespread animosity toward the immigrant community, several cities have increased their efforts to attract newcomers from all countries. A new list examines some of these cities and ranks them according to how welcoming they are for immigrants.

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