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Immigration Detention Archives

Supreme Court decision on Arizona immigration amendment

California residents mat be interested in learning that the Supreme Court on June 1 refused to reconsider an appellate court decision regarding an Arizona constitutional amendment that was passed in 2006. That amendment denied bail to undocumented immigrants who committed felonies in the state. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit had ruled the amendment unconstitutional because it did not make case-by-case determinations.

Crimes, naturalized citizens and deportation

California residents who are naturalized citizens may wonder if they can be deported for a crime committed after their naturalization was approved. Taking away a person's citizenship and deporting them is difficult to do, and in general, it is not possible to do so because of a crime committed after naturalization.

ICE to continue to detain immigrant families

Immigrant families who have crossed the border into California illegally may be interested to learn that federal immigration authorities made an announcement on May 13 regarding family detention. According to the press release, the Obama administration announced that deterrence could no longer be used as a factor when determining whether to detain an immigrant family.

Applying for cancellation of removal in California

Both non-permanent and lawful permanent residents may be subjected to deportation and removal proceedings in some cases. It is possible for both to apply for a cancellation of removal if certain criteria are met.

Consult an attorney when you are confronted with deportation

Deportation is an astonishing threat. When someone is deported, it likely means that they are being removed from a place where they want to be; and that comes with added complications, such as being forcefully separated from family or being thrust back into a situation where the individual's life is in danger. There may be legal reasons to justify deportation, but from a moral standpoint, deportation is not such a clear-cut issue.

4-year-old deported, suffers PTSD because of immigration official

The subject of immigration sadly tends to bring disturbing stories and depressing tales to the table. Confusing policies and negligent customs officials create this sort of stigma. However, the following story is one of the most disturbing and shocking immigration stories we have ever heard.

What is the '601 waiver' and what does the USCIS consider for it?

There are many people in this country who entered without proper authorization. Some people call them "illegal," others call them "undocumented" -- but no matter who you call them, they are still people. They have families and loved ones, jobs and passions. They may even be here with much of their family, or they may be fleeing a terrible or dangerous condition back home.

Immigration activist detained after visiting US-Mexico border

In our last post, we talked about the growing humanitarian crisis at the border of the United States and Mexico. Tens of thousands of children are being left there after their families sent them to the U.S. with the hope of them crossing the border. Now, this humanitarian crisis has led to an immigration activist and self-outted undocumented immigrant being arrested in a border town.

TRUST Act limits detention powers in California

Immigration detention will remain a hot topic in California and, really, all across the country until definitive and actionable change takes place within the immigration system. Programs like Secure Communities terrorize people who do not have U.S. citizenship, even though they may be good, honest, hardworking people.

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