Certified Immigration Attorneys In Irvine

The complexities that accompany immigration issues can be immensely confusing and stressful. If you or your family members are working through immigration legal matters that may affect your freedom or future, the situation may be overwhelming. One mistake can have catastrophic and long-lasting consequences. As such, reaching out to a skilled and knowledgeable law firm is critical.

The mission of The Law Offices of John R. Alcorn is to help people solve U.S. immigration problems by providing effective, competent, professional and caring legal representation.

A High Level Of Experience

We have highly experienced immigration attorneys — to achieve this high distinction, an attorney must have taken and passed a written examination in immigration and nationality law; demonstrated a high level of experience in this complex field of law; obtained favorable peer review recommendation; and fulfilled continuing legal education requirements.

Additionally, all of our attorneys have practiced for several years, handling an extremely large volume of cases. This comprehensive knowledge and experience ready us for any immigration issue, including employment immigration and family immigration, as well as deportation/removal defense issues.

In every case, we make communication with clients a serious priority. Clients have access to their attorney throughout the case and are fully informed about all developments as a case progresses.

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Taking decisive action is extremely important in these types of cases. We encourage you to get in touch. To schedule a consultation with one of our immigration lawyers in Irvine, call 949-751-6574 or email the firm.