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Dual citizenship for naturalized citizens

On Behalf of | May 1, 2015 | Citizenship |

Individuals in California who are considering becoming naturalized with dual citizenship or who may have children with dual citizenship should keep in mind that this may have implications for taxes and other issues. The United States taxes its citizens on their worldwide income, but it has tax treaties with a number of countries that prevent double taxation. People should check to see what their tax status would be with the other country where they are also a citizen.

While the United States government may be understanding about the fact that some countries require mandatory military service, it might look differently on individuals who volunteer for the military, those who become officers or those who are in the military in a country that is at war with the United States. Any of these might lead to a loss of citizenship.

Individuals should also keep in mind that dual citizenship may actually limit what kind of help they can get from either government while abroad. It may be unclear which country’s laws a person will be charged under if a crime is committed, and if the person runs into trouble in their home country, the United States may be unable to help.

An attorney might be able to advise on these and other potential advantages and disadvantages of dual citizenship. An attorney might also be able to discuss the ways in which an individual might qualify for citizenship whether through marriage or other family relationships, job skills, or eligibility for asylum. Immigration law has been changing and more changes may be ahead, and an attorney may also be helpful in keeping clients abreast of the changes that affect them. Finally, applying for naturalization may be a long and complex process, and paperwork must be completed accurately and on time. Having an attorney may help to keep this process on track.


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