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June 2015 Archives

Bond now an option for families in detention centers

Changes by the Department of Homeland Security may give immigrants in California a better chance at presenting a deportation defense and obtaining asylum. The current detention policy has faced increasing criticism by activists and legislators concerned about the poor conditions at immigration detention centers and the associated costs. The change will provide asylum seekers with a better chance at quick release.

Supreme Court ruling positive for immigrants

California immigrants may be interested to learn that a Supreme Court ruling on June 15 means that individuals whose attorneys mishandle their cases may have another chance on appeal. The ruling dealt with a man who was an undocumented immigrant from Mexico due to be deported after pleading guilty to an assault charge.

Domestic partners cannot sponsor each other for citizenship

California was one of the first states to allow unmarried domestic partners to register and receive the same benefits extended to spouses. Therefore, residents may wonder what rights domestic partners have to sponsor a family member for citizenship or if it is possible to become a citizen without first getting married.

Court rules against automatic citizenship for American Samoans

The hopes of pursuing a law enforcement career in California were dashed for an American Samoan man when he was informed that he did not meet the U.S. citizenship requirement. The man subsequently filed a lawsuit that sought to see those who are born in an unincorporated American territory like American Samoa granted the same citizenship rights as those born in Puerto Rico, but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit preserved the current law in a June 5 ruling.

Supreme Court decision on Arizona immigration amendment

California residents mat be interested in learning that the Supreme Court on June 1 refused to reconsider an appellate court decision regarding an Arizona constitutional amendment that was passed in 2006. That amendment denied bail to undocumented immigrants who committed felonies in the state. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit had ruled the amendment unconstitutional because it did not make case-by-case determinations.

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