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May 2015 Archives

Crimes, naturalized citizens and deportation

California residents who are naturalized citizens may wonder if they can be deported for a crime committed after their naturalization was approved. Taking away a person's citizenship and deporting them is difficult to do, and in general, it is not possible to do so because of a crime committed after naturalization.

ICE to continue to detain immigrant families

Immigrant families who have crossed the border into California illegally may be interested to learn that federal immigration authorities made an announcement on May 13 regarding family detention. According to the press release, the Obama administration announced that deterrence could no longer be used as a factor when determining whether to detain an immigrant family.

Thousands sent work permits by mistake

California residents may be interested to learn that 2,000 people received three-year work permits in the mail by mistake. The work permits were issued to foreign-born individuals under the Obama administration's executive immigration action taken last November. However, the work permits were later found to be erroneous because they were issued after a judge had issued a temporary injunction on the immigration action.

The requirements for an international athletic visa

California promoters who are seeking to bring international athletes into the United States may be interested in the specific visa requirements. Depending on whether the visa is for an individual or a team, the requirements and duration of stay may vary.

Dual citizenship for naturalized citizens

Individuals in California who are considering becoming naturalized with dual citizenship or who may have children with dual citizenship should keep in mind that this may have implications for taxes and other issues. The United States taxes its citizens on their worldwide income, but it has tax treaties with a number of countries that prevent double taxation. People should check to see what their tax status would be with the other country where they are also a citizen.

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