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September 2018 Archives

Families of H-1B work visas holders may be de-authorized to work

Immigrants who move to the U.S. to work often get an employer-sponsored H-1B visa that enables them to legally work here. Their immediate families are similarly able to get a work visa, which is an H-4. Now the Department of Homeland Security filed an update to accommodation in federal court on August 20 that enables them to de-authorize the right of H-4 spouses to work.

Immigrants still kicked out of the military

Singling out immigrants for military discharges was supposed to stop or at least slow down. Now there are new reports that this is not the case. According to the New York Times, some recruits claim that they are unfairly discharged on questionable grounds cited by the military as security. The Army even announced that it would halt this unfair treatment of recruits and review this policy, but it appear to continue.

Immigrants facing deportation given ‘fake dates’ to appear

More than a dozen immigrants received notice to appear in a Dallas immigration court regarding their deportation cases on Sept. 13. The notices came from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. According to Dallas News, when the immigrants arrived at court, court officials told them these were “fake dates.

Trump administration proposes change to Flores settlement

The Trump administration proposed this week to lift the court-imposed limits regarding how children are handled in immigration detention centers. This would significant alter the Flores settlement, an agreement written in 1997 and modified in 2015, that limits the time immigrant children are detained and under what conditions they are held.

Father tells politicians to stop exploiting death of his daughter

The death of Molly Tibbets at the hands of an immigrant farmhand is a tragedy. Putting closure to a disappearance in the small town of Brooklyn, Iowa, had lasted much of the summer, the man who admitted to killing her led police to the location in the cornfield where he left the body. 

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