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August 2018 Archives

Citizens living on the border accused of fraudulent papers

The current administration continues to crack down on illegal aliens living in the U.S. as well as make it more difficult for those trying to enter the country legally or illegally. Now there is news reports that U.S. citizens living on the border between Texas and Mexico have been denied passports by the State Department, which claims that it does not believe the applicants are citizens. In certain cases, those passport applicants with valid U.S. birth certificates are going to jail.

Ankle-bracelet company faces scrutiny in court

The ankle-bracelet company Libre by Nexus Inc. bails undocumented immigrants out of detention so they can become customers in need of ankle-bracelets. Typically, this arrangement can be made for immigrants who do not pose a safety threat to the general public, nor is there a flight risk before their immigration hearing.

Woman denied entry despite valid tourist visa

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently denied entry of a Mexican businesswoman who intended to visit her aging parents in Maryland. According to a story in the Washington Post and other media outlets, the woman who owns a travel agency and rental property business in Mexico with her husband had visited the U.S. frequently yet never overstayed her visa.  

Credible fear claim rejections on the rise

One thing that has a very big impact on asylum seekers who are facing expedited removal is what happens in their credible fear review. Generally, in order to pursue an asylum claim, individuals facing expedited removal have to be found to have a credible fear of facing persecution if they were to return to their home country.

“Ineligible” parents try to get kids back amid chaos

There are still hundreds of immigrant parents who still need to be reunited with an estimated 650 children well after the deadline set by federal judge has passed. Some have even been deemed “ineligible” to get their children back. One reason for this is that officials believe they were smuggling children for profit. Other reasons include the child had been traveling with relative other than the parent; or they are the parent has a criminal record or has been caught trying to enter the country before by ICE. Some are given no reason at all.

Judge rules federal government violated Flores settlement

A California-based federal court judge ruled the government must get parental consent before giving psychotropic drugs to detained immigrant children. The July 31 order sided with advocates for the detained children and laid out a number of specific expectations for their treatment while in government-run detention centers.

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