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April 2019 Archives

Trump directs officials to charge fees for asylum applicants

The Trump administration continues to explore methods to block asylum seekers from entering the country, despite the legality of seeking asylum in the United States. Their latest tactic is placing a financial burden on asylum seekers and withholding their ability to work.

Big cities and rural areas would grow slower without immigrants

One of the Trump administration’s biggest arguments against illegal immigration is the conviction that there is simply no room left for more people. Many will debate what the right amount of international immigration is, but new census data suggests there is much more room than many think. The influx of international immigrants is keeping population growth on a steady upward trend in much of the country. Even though birthrates are down and death rates have climbed, half the population growth here can be attributed to immigration.

Trump calls for crackdown on those who overstay visas

The president seems to follow the belief that the best way to remake the immigration system is to continually stir the pot. It is hard to keep up with the initiatives, hirings and firings, but this week it seems that President Trump wants to crack down on those who overstay the terms of their visa.

Trump threatens to dump migrants in sanctuary cities

The current administration’s disregard for the law and protocols is well established at this point. The latest example is the president’s recent threat to “dump” detainees in California’s sanctuary cities and counties. According to the Los Angeles Times, the President has recently tweeted and spoken publicly about this, even though this would be illegal.

Judge says asylum-seekers should not wait in Mexico

The Trump administration suffered another setback in its campaign against asylum-seekers. This time it was a ruling of a judge who blocked the administration’s attempt to require asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico until the time of their hearing in the U.S. However, the judge did wait to implement the ruling until the government has a chance to appeal.

Kirstjen Nielsen leaving as immigration numbers surge

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen is leaving her cabinet post this week. As the primary face of President Trump’s policy regarding immigration issues, Nielsen was responsible for what has happened at the southern border since her appointment in December of 2017. Such low lights include the separation of migrant children from their family.

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