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November 2015 Archives

Defining continuous residency for naturalization

Permanent U.S. residents in California who need to leave the country for a lengthy period may wonder whether this will affect their ability to become naturalized citizens. Immigration law states that in order to apply for naturalization, immigrants must have a period of continuous residence, and a period of time abroad of more than six months ends that continuous residence. However, there are exceptions.

Legal immigrants encouraged to become naturalized citizens

Californians may be interested to learn about a recently announced push by Mexico to encourage legal immigrants from the country in the U.S. to go ahead and seek dual citizenship in both countries. The Mexican government has indicated it is encouraging legal immigrants to become naturalized U.S. citizens in order to empower themselves.

Critics of H-1B program say rules should be changed

California employers like Southern California Edison and Walt Disney Company are coming under scrutiny for allegedly using the H-1B program to displace American technology workers. The H-1B program is a visa program that allows employers to hire qualified foreign workers for specialty occupations. Workers who qualify for H-1B visas usually hold at least a bachelor's degree, and many hold advanced degrees from U.S. universities.

When a spouse with conditional residency cheats

Some U.S. citizens in California who marry foreign nationals may later find out their spouses are cheating before they have received their permanent resident cards. When that occurs, the U.S. citizen may want to prevent the other spouse from gaining permanent residency status based upon the marriage.

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