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November 2014 Archives

Certain minors now eligible to seek asylum in U.S.

The news in California has been full of stories about the hundreds of children who have been streaming across the U.S. border in order to try to join relatives already living in the United States. For relatives who are currently living legally in California, the federal government has changed stances and is now preparing to allow children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to seek asylum status.

Population theory: immigration even more important than before

The population of the Earth is projected somewhere around 7.2 billion people right now. If you had to guess, what do you think the population of the Earth will be in the year 2100? Many scholars have debated this question in recent years, and some came to the conclusion that the human population was arriving at a sort of tipping point, where birth rates would slow down and, eventually, we would reach our "maximum" population.

Consult an attorney when you are confronted with deportation

Deportation is an astonishing threat. When someone is deported, it likely means that they are being removed from a place where they want to be; and that comes with added complications, such as being forcefully separated from family or being thrust back into a situation where the individual's life is in danger. There may be legal reasons to justify deportation, but from a moral standpoint, deportation is not such a clear-cut issue.

Outlook is bright for domestic abuse victims seeking asylum

It has been awhile since we last touched upon the subject of asylum, but when we last did, the atmosphere surrounding asylum was looking up. It has always been notoriously difficult to obtain asylum on the grounds of domestic abuse. For many years, the issue pinged around immigration courts and the U.S. government without any resolution.

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