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Home-sharing in immigrant communities in the U.S.

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2016 | Family Immigration |

There are all kinds of goals immigrant families here in the U.S. may have. These goals can cover a wide range of areas, such as home ownership, education, their careers and family matters. Many things could have implications regarding an immigrant family’s ability to reach these goals.

One are legal matters related to immigration. How immigration matters that come up for an immigrant family here in America, such as employment or family immigration issues, are handled can have impacts on what sorts of options and routes are available for them in relation to the goals they are hoping to achieve in America. Immigration lawyers can work with immigrant families to help them with incorporating their overall goals into their approach to key immigration issues that arise for them.

Financial matters can also be very impactful for immigrant families. There could be significant financial barriers to some of the goals such families wish to achieve. There are many different things such families might look towards to help with overcoming these barriers. It appears that some immigrant families are turning to home-sharing to help on this front.

Home ownership is common among immigrant families here in America. It estimated that over half of such families are homeowners. Some immigrant families that are homeowners are using home-sharing to get some extra income from their home.

A recent study suggests that home-sharing has a substantial presence in immigrant communities. The study looked at three U.S. cities: Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. The study found that, between these three cities, over $24 million in home-sharing income has been made by home-sharers in majority-immigrant communities.

As a note, the study didn’t make any findings regarding how levels of home-sharing in immigrant communities compares to such levels in other communities. However, it does at least point to there being a fair immigrant presence in the home-sharing economy.

So, immigrant families are among those that could be impacted by what cities in the U.S. ultimately decide to do when it comes to regulating home-sharing. This underscores that a wide range of regulations, not just those that directly touch on immigration, can have big implications for such families.

Source: NBC News, “Immigrant Families Benefiting from Home-Sharing Economy, Study Finds,” Griselda Nevarez, Dec. 8, 2016


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