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How immigration attorneys enhance your employment immigration

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2017 | Employment Immigration |

It is the dream of scores of people around the world to live and work in the U.S. The complexities surrounding immigration issues in the United States can be stressful and immensely confusing. It is important to handle immigration legal matters with a lot of care as they can have a lifetime effect on your freedom and that of your loved ones. A small mistake can have catastrophic repercussions, and it can lead to extreme delays or denial of a visa.

Foreign business professionals with extraordinary abilities or advanced degrees may access employment-based visas. The government reserves them for skilled personnel, investors, distinguished professionals, and special immigrants like clerical workers. There is a broad spectrum of employee-based immigration visa options including:

  • EB-1: For experts with extraordinary ability, multinational executives, outstanding researchers, and professors
  • EB-2: For professionals with advanced degrees, athletes, entertainers, individuals of exceptional ability, and scholars seeking waivers
  • EB-3: For professionals and skilled and unskilled workers
  • EB-4: For special immigrants
  • EB-5: For immigrant entrepreneurs and investors
  • Schedule A Workers: For registered nurses and therapists.

If a United States job offer comes your way, you could be eligible for a green card within one year. Some people can handle employment-based immigration issues on their own. However, it is a high-risk option if you have some doubts or concerns. If you have the slightest question regarding the process, you would rather consult an immigration attorney to avoid complications. It is a fundamental requirement to comply with the United States immigration laws to successfully relocate to the States. A qualified immigration lawyer can be of great help in securing permanent or temporary visas. He or she can offer insight on your vulnerabilities in the immigration audit which could, in turn, result in disqualification citing legal grounds.

Are you interested in working in California? A reputable legal firm in Orange can investigate and recommend the most appropriate immigration solution for you. The lawyers will analyze your requirements and help in the preparation of relevant documents before you apply. This option is convenient in accelerating the process of acquiring a visa when the time is limited. An immigration attorney is well-versed with the whole process, and he or she will unmask the slightest uncertainties you could be having concerning moving to the United States. Contact an immigration attorney in California to make your dream of working in the U.S. a reality.


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