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Immigrants play a big role in many industries in California

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2017 | Employment Immigration |

The workforce here in California has a great many immigrants in it. Estimates indicate that immigrants make up almost four out of every 10 full-time workers in the state.

And immigrants are not just found in one or two industries in California. Pretty much every work field has at least some immigrants within its workforce. And there are a wide range of jobs in the state in which a majority of the workers in them are immigrants. These jobs vary greatly in skill-level and the type of work activities they involve. Examples of jobs that have a majority immigrant workforce in the state, according to estimates, include: front-line agricultural workers, dentists, dishwashers, electrical engineers, hardware engineers, housekeepers, medical scientists, sewing machine operators and software app developers.

Now, while naturalized citizens make up a majority of the immigrant workforce in the state, there are plenty of jobs that have a fair number of noncitizen workers in them here in California. Complex immigration issues can come up in relation to hiring noncitizen workers. So, many different types of businesses here in California can have employment immigration issues come up in connection to their hiring.

Among these are issues related to work visas for prospective hires. What sort of work visa a business could be able to pursue for a foreign worker it wishes to hire depends on various factors, including what kind of job the worker would fill. Skilled employment immigration attorneys can help California businesses that wish to hire workers from foreign countries for certain positions on what work visas they might be able to petition for when it comes to such workers. They can also advise employers on the petitioning process when they are seeking out a work visa for a prospective hire.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Most California dentists are immigrants. Where else do immigrants work?,” Phillip Reese, April 7, 2017


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