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Recently approved state budget touches on immigration detention

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2017 | Immigration Detention |

A state budget was recently approved by California’s legislature. The budget is expected to be signed by the governor. It has the potential to have impacts in many areas in the state, including immigration detention.

Among the provisions related to immigration detention in the budget are provisions:

  • Putting a temporary ban on the approving of expansions to the number of beds at immigration detention facilities in the state.
  • Requiring regular audits of the immigration detention centers in the state.
  • Providing funding to be put towards the protection of the rights of detainees.

How immigration detention facilities act and what conditions are like at such facilities can have major implications for detainees. So, one wonders what sorts of impacts the above provisions of the new budget, assuming it is signed, will have on the experience of foreign nationals who end up facing immigration detention here in California.

Many may think of immigration issues as mainly being affected by federal law and policy. However, as this budget measure illustrates, state laws and actions can also have impacts on the situation of immigrants, such as foreign nationals who are in immigrant detention. This illustrates how complicated issues involving immigration, such as immigration detention issues, can get and how wide the range of things that can impact such issues can be.

Given the complexity immigration detention issues can have, when such issues come up for a foreign national here in California, what legal guidance they have in relation to such issues can be a crucial matter.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, “California lawmakers attempt to increase oversight and restrictions on the detention of immigrants,” Jazmine Ulloa, June 17, 2017

Los Angeles Times, “Here’s how $183 billion in taxpayer dollars will be spent in California’s new budget,” John Myers, June 15, 2017


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