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Talent acquisition concerns can come up over work visa challenges

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | Employment Immigration |

Acquiring the right talent can be critical for a business. Among the things that could pose challenges for U.S. companies when it comes to such acquisition are problems with procuring work visas. Such problems could make it much harder to bring in foreign talent to meet a company’s unique needs.

It appears that worries over work visa challenges creating talent acquisition problems may be rather common in the U.S. business community these days. According to a recent report, significant concerns about work visa shortages creating talent acquisition difficulties are something around 80 percent of large employers have.

Various things could create roadblocks to a company getting work visas for foreign talent it wishes to hire. This could include the addition of new immigration regulations and requirements. This year has already seen some such additions with the potential to have impacts on employment immigration matters. One wonders if upcoming months will see further such additions, given the “Buy American, Hire American” policy of the current administration.

Another thing that can keep U.S. companies from being able to bring in foreign talent that they think would be a big asset to their company are mistakes made during the process of pursuing work visas for such talent. The various steps of this process can have many complex aspects. Making missteps in regards to these aspects could decrease a business’ likelihood of having a work visa petition they submitted in regards to a foreign worker approved.

So, experienced legal guidance on employment immigration matters can be an important thing for a U.S. company to seek out when it is looking to meet its unique workforce needs with foreign talent.

Source: HR Dive, “New work visa requirements exacerbate current talent shortages,” Tess Taylor, Sept. 14, 2017


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