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Plattsburg group provides instructions on how to enter Canada

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Asylum |

Canadian officials are crying foul after it discovered that a group in Plattsburg, New York, distributed fliers with instructions on how to enter Canada and seek asylum. The group calling itself Plattsburgh Cares posted an estimated 20,000 fliers that included a map and instructions to thousands of asylum seekers leaving the United States for Canada.

According a news article by Canadian television, the instructions include information about the cost of a cab ride to a drop off point where they will be able to carry their belongings across the border. The sheet also advises the asylum seekers to ignore instructions from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when the officials tell them to cross at the Lacolle border crossing and that they will be arrested. The sheet also provides phone numbers to get legal advice and information how to apply for refugee status in Canada through the Safe Third Country Agreement.

The group claims that they are doing this for humanitarian reasons to help those who are vulnerable. They also claim their mission is to provide non-legal information so people will not be lost or stranded.

Canada responds

The Canadian government is not happy about these actions, claiming that most asylum seekers’ claims will be rejected. Since many of the individuals crossing the border are originally from Nigeria, the Canadian government is also reaching out to people back in Africa to inform them that this Nigerians do not easily qualify as refugees and it is more of an economic migration.

Here in California

Obviously, California is in the middle of a lot of turmoil as the current administration seeks to cut down the number of immigrants and asylum seekers. While the Plattsburgh Cares believes it is trying to help, it is best to speak with an attorney with experience handling immigration issues here in the United States. This is particularly true as the laws and their enforcement are continually being written and challenged.


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