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Asylum ban once again blocked by judge

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Asylum |

In July 2019, the Trump administration created a new rule that would require those seeking asylum to first do so in another country. However, a judge in California issued a nationwide injunction claiming that the law was likely in conflict with federal rules. The 9th Circuit narrowed the injunction to just California and Arizona, but the same judge again reinstated it throughout the country. According to the Customs and Border Protection commissioner, the decision is an example of judicial activism.

The press secretary for the White House also condemned the decisions saying that it was a victory for smugglers. The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to overrule the decision and let the new rule go into effect. If it were enforced, the rule could make it difficult for those seeking asylum in the United States after traveling from Central America to obtain it.

President Trump has taken a variety of steps in an effort to stop individuals from entering the United States at the border with Mexico. One such tactic was to threaten Mexico with tariffs if the country didn’t do more to keep them away. In response, Mexico agreed to station 6,000 troops at its border with Guatemala. The number of people taken into custody for trying to enter the United States dropped 60% from May to August 2019.

Those who are looking to enter the United States may want to consider doing so with the help of an immigration attorney. An attorney may be able to help a person understand the process of filing for asylum or what is needed to enter the country legally. Having this information may maximize the chances that a person is allowed to enter and remain in the country to live, work or go to school.


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