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US residence for professionals using the EB-2 visa

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Employment Immigration |

Immigrants living in California may be interested in learning about the U.S. EB-2 visa. This visa allows individuals who work in specialty occupations, like educators, business managers and doctors, and possess a master’s degree to request permanent residence in the U.S.

There are three main categories of individuals who can qualify for this permanent visa. These include foreign nationals who possess a master’s degree or higher and have a job offer from a company based in the United States; foreign nationals who have exhibited exceptional ability in business, the arts or science and have an offer for a job in the U.S.; and foreign nationals who have an advanced degree, exceptional ability and can prove that their work skills will benefit U.S. interests.

For an applicant to qualify, they must have an offer of employment that they can confirm. This job offer must be for an individual who has an advanced degree or certain levels of experience in the field. The documents that are needed to apply for the U.S. EB-2 include proof of the degree, experience in the specific field of work and the job offer.

Applicants need to meet three criteria out the following seven. These include a professional license; proof of exceptional ability or academic qualification in a field; proof of 10 years of working experience; proof of belonging to professional association in the field; proof of appropriate salary, awards, prizes or some other form of recognition from the professional’s field; or another type of proof showing exceptional ability in a field.

Foreign nationals who are interested in filling out the U.S. EB-2 may wish to speak to an immigration attorney. They may be able to provide legal advice regarding visas for executives, investor-based visas, labor certification and more. Legal counsel could also draw up documents and provide the client with instructions on how to file them.


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