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Reuniting 430 deported parents with their children

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Family Immigration |

The challenge of reuniting separated children and parents is still a long way from complete despite a federal judge’s deadline. However, this issue will be even more difficult for officials as they attempt to find the 430 parents deported while their children remain detained here in the U.S.

There are a number of important issues and hurdles that these families will face. We will briefly outline some of them:

  • While government said these parents consented to being deported without their kids, immigration advocates say this may not be true in every case.
  • Some parents may be living in remote places, or they fear to come forward – they were fleeing their country for a reason.
  • Once parents are located, the logistics of reuniting parents and children could take months to arrange with government agencies in both countries.
  • Parents are devastated by the whole experience. Many do not know where to turn for help in their home country, and the process of getting to the U.S. and then getting sent back without their children has been like living in a nightmare.

Advocates can speak up for these families

Family immigration is a complicated process, made much more so when families are split apart. U.S. residents who are trying to help friends and family during this difficult time can work with attorneys who represent the interests of these families and others. Exploring legal means for doing this is often the best long-term solution.


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