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Everything that you need to know about employment immigration

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2017 | Employment Immigration |

California is home to a large number of immigrant employees. The state plays host to hundreds of undocumented immigrant workers who mostly work in low-wage and hard labor occupations, which have a low salary scale. The high number of immigrant workers is attributed to the fact that the state has numerous opportunities. Documented employment enhance your chances of earning permanent citizenship and residence in California.

In as much as many organizations and corporations benefit from the experience and talents of non-American employees, cases of underpayment and mistreatment are common. In order for you to work in the US, you need to have a relevant employment-based immigration visa. However, you can only obtain this document with the help of a competent immigration lawyer. Partnering with a strong legal team will help you avoid delays as far as processing work permits and other documents is concerned.

Provisions of California’s Immigration Law

Averagely, 10% of employees in California are undocumented immigrants. You need to beware of your rights as an immigrant worker so that unscrupulous employers do not take advantage of your status. This means that your employee is barred from using your status to threaten you for deportation. California’s immigration law similarly allows you to apply for a specific visa if you intend to enter the US and work for a specified company. A temporary employment visa allows you to work within the state for a specified period.

Most temporary visas are only applicable to specific occupations. These visas mainly apply to occupations that are experiencing short-term shortages. H-1B visas for instance, receive a limited number of approvals each year. A large number of applications are denied to protect the state from an influx of cheap and unskilled laborers. Your employer is required to file an amended petition in case you move to another location while you are on an H-1B employment visa.

A number of rights and protections have also been approved, something that has made California an immigrant-friendly state. Immigrants can now apply for labor certifications and visas for professionals based on their qualifications. This can help safeguard you from violations and other related issues that face immigrant workers. When seeking to work in the US, it is advisable to contact professionals who will guide you through the immigration issue. These legal experts can help you apply for permanent labor certification, visas for executives, and investor based visas


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