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Types of services an immigration lawyer can handle

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Whether you are just applying for DACA, an H-1B Visa, permanent residency, a green card for employment reasons, or you have an immigration issue due to a delayed or denied application, contact The Law Offices of John R. Alcorn, an Irvine, California immigration attorney. We will help you file your initial immigration documents or will help you with issues with your open case.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

If you believe you may qualify for citizenship under the Consideration for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), contact our office to help you through the process. The qualifications to apply for citizenship are complex under this new law, including but not limited to specific dates and ages you may or may not have been in the United States. Your stay in the United States is good for two years, and you may apply to renew. Age restrictions are based on whether you are involved in removal proceedings.

H1-B Visas

To apply for an H1-B Visa, you must have an existing relationship with an employer. These visas also require that your position requires at least a Bachelor’s Degree, and that your occupation is a specialty occupation – a field that requires a degree. And, you must be paid an appropriate wage for your services.

Applying for Naturalization

If you are applying for naturalization, you must also meet several requirements, including being 18 years or older, you must speak English, as the test is given in English, you must show a knowledge of civics, you must be a lawful permanent resident with a green card, and you must have lived in the United States for up to five years. Some requirements may be different, such as the residency time requirement, if you are married to a United States citizen.

Employment Authorization

In order to apply for employment authorization in the United States, you must fall into certain categories, and the requirements for those in different categories vary. For example, including but not limited to, you may have sought asylum, you may be a dependent of a non-immigrant, a student, the spouse of someone in a certain category or you may be an eligible dependent of a diplomatic mission, NATO or an international organization.

Contact The Law Offices of John R. Alcorn

Contact The Law Offices of John R. Alcorn, in Irvine, California, if you are applying for any type of visa, green card or naturalization. We will set up a consultation so that you may learn what rights you have. If you have an open application or have been denied citizenship, or you have special circumstances where you may not be able to return to your country, you should also contact our office for a consultation.


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