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When Do Domestic Workers Fill Out An I-9 Form?

You work for a family each week - babysitting their children, cleaning their house and preparing meals. You were hired by the family, and they pay you directly.

There is a good chance that you never signed paperwork under these circumstances. However, workers in the United States are required to complete an I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification form. Not doing so violates US law.

Are all domestic workers required to fill out an I-9 form?

Domestic workers who complete work for an employer on a regular basis in exchange for wages or other benefits must fill out a form. If you only occasionally help a family by babysitting, or other infrequent work, you do NOT fill out a form.

You do NOT fill out an I-9 form for an individual family if you work for a domestic service company. If you work for a company, you will need to fill out a single I-9 form for them.

What if your employer did not ask you to fill out a form?

It is the employer’s responsibility to ask you to fill out and return an I-9 form. They may be charged with civil fines or penalties if they do not uphold this responsibility. If they show a pattern of hiring violations, they may be charged with criminal penalties.

What are your rights?

Your employer may not discriminate against you based on your citizenship, immigration status or national origin. Additionally, employers may not retaliate against or intimidate you if you file a complaint against them for discriminating against your citizenship, immigration status or national origin.

If you think that your rights have been violated, consider contacting an attorney who can advise you on what steps to take to protect your interests.

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