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Ukrainian boxer prevails in U.S. asylum case

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | Asylum |

Sometimes, a person no longer feels safe in their home country due to persecution they are facing. Some such individuals may look to the U.S. as a place to escape from such dangers. Seeking asylum in the U.S. may be an option for individuals who have faced certain types of persecution in their home country.

Recently, a Ukrainian boxer prevailed in his asylum case here in the United States. In the past, the man was a member of the national boxing team for Ukraine. The man sought asylum after being kidnapped and beaten in Ukraine by an ultra-nationalist militia group. The man says he was subjected to violence by the group due to where he was born, Crimea. Last month, the man won in the case regarding his asylum request.

Now, while the boxer did ultimately prevail in his asylum claim, his path to asylum was not without its challenges. The man entered the U.S. border from Mexico, and he claims he was illegally turned away from the border three times prior to finally being put into asylum processing. He also was in immigration detention for the eight months prior to winning asylum.

Whether or not they are ultimately granted asylum can have major impacts on a person who has come to the U.S. seeking safety from persecution. So, when challenges arise in relation to their pursuit of asylum in the U.S., how an asylum seeker responds to the challenges can matter considerably. Sometimes, the challenges an asylum seeker is facing come from the legal complexity of the asylum-seeking process in the United States. When one is dealing with challenging legal matters related to the pursuit of asylum, having the assistance of an attorney knowledgeable of specifics of the U.S. asylum process can be very important.


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