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Concerns arising regarding check-ins and immigration arrests

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Immigration Detention |

The circumstances under which immigrants end up in immigration detention here in the U.S. vary greatly. Immigration arrests can occur in many different situations. A recent Vice News article raises questions as to whether it is becoming more common for immigrants to face such arrests, and rapid deportation, following immigration check-ins.

Check-ins are a regular part of life for certain individuals who have a pending immigration case, such as a pending order of removal. Some immigrants are put on custodial supervision while their case is going through the system. Sometimes, part of being under such supervision includes having to regularly check in with immigration agents.

The article went over some examples of instances that have occurred since the transition to the Trump administration of immigrants getting arrested and put into detention following showing up for such a check-in. It also noted that the Cato Institute indicates that these sorts of arrests have become fairly widespread.

According to a spokesperson with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE agents have discretion when deciding which individuals who are facing deportation to put into detention. Given the things noted in the Vice News article, one wonders if it is becoming more common for this discretion to be used to conduct arrests in connection to check-ins.

Some have raised concerns that a trend of check-in arrests could have negative effects on how immigrants view check-ins. They argue such a trend may make individuals more hesitant to show up for check-ins. One wonders what will happen with the issue of check-in arrests in the future and what impacts this will have for immigrants who are subject to check-ins.

However a person ends up in U.S. immigration detention, what steps they take next can have very big impacts. So, having good guidance can be critical in such a situation. Immigration lawyers can help individuals in such detention navigate their legal options.


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