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California and Trump battle it out over immigration

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2018 | Blog |

In an attempt to get California to comply with the new deportation demands, the Trump administration is utilizing what some might call “extreme” measures. The Department of Justice wants to label three of The Golden State’s immigration laws as invalid. Officials within the organization claim that these specific laws are being reviewed because they overtly interfere with federal immigration law. Further, these laws are considered to be unconstitutional as they go against the supremacy clause which gives federal law power over state legislation.

Waging a legal war

As one of the 23 sanctuary cities that were issued a subpoena by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, this suit is a timely fit as California has just passed the DOJ’s review process. In a statement released by the state’s longest-serving Governor, Jerry Brown, he refers to the federal suit as a “stunt.”Officials within the agency are only turning to political maneuvers after threats of cutting off federal law enforcement grants failed to make the state comply.

Why these laws?

Of the laws in question, one of them criminalizes business owners who voluntarily help federal agents locate and detain undocumented workers. Another law restricts local officers from notifying immigration agents when potentially unauthorized detainees are released from custody. Last, but not least the third law to come under fire is the creation of a state inspection program for federal immigration detention centers.

Forcing California law enforcement and local governments to participate in raids, mass deportations and courtroom arrests only widens the divide between state and federal governments. California officials fear that the required cooperation with the administration’s amped-up deportation tactics will only further harm the immigrant community instead of protecting it.


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