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New cap on asylum seeker and refugee numbers

The Trump administration seems to mount an attack every week on migrants, asylum seekers and refugees seeking a better way of life. This week is no different. The State Department announced that the number of refugees and asylum seekers for the upcoming fiscal year would be 18,000, which is about 5% of the projected 368,000 applicants. This is the lowest number in 40 years of keeping track and down from the previous record low cap of 30,000, which was set in the previous year by Trump. The Obama administration set its cap in 2016 at 85,000.

Judge re-imposes injunction on Trump’s asylum policy

The Trump administration has made many changes to immigration policy here in the United States. However, San Francisco-based U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar ruled that the administration’s fast-track ban on asylum seekers who pass through other countries without applying for asylum was not legal.

Asylum ban once again blocked by judge

In July 2019, the Trump administration created a new rule that would require those seeking asylum to first do so in another country. However, a judge in California issued a nationwide injunction claiming that the law was likely in conflict with federal rules. The 9th Circuit narrowed the injunction to just California and Arizona, but the same judge again reinstated it throughout the country. According to the Customs and Border Protection commissioner, the decision is an example of judicial activism.

Traveling through other countries makes immigrants ineligible

The current administration continues to create new barriers and hurdles for many asylum seekers. The administration has now published a tough new rule for the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice that goes into effect on July 16.

Judge says asylum-seekers should not wait in Mexico

The Trump administration suffered another setback in its campaign against asylum-seekers. This time it was a ruling of a judge who blocked the administration’s attempt to require asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico until the time of their hearing in the U.S. However, the judge did wait to implement the ruling until the government has a chance to appeal.

Administration attempts to deny status to immigrants age 18-21

Young immigrants who face hardships, neglect and abuse at home had previously been able to apply for legal asylum here in the United States. According to a recent report, the current administration has now seemingly limited the age limit from 21 years old to 17 years old. First launched in 1990, this program enabled thousands (an estimated 50,000 since 2010) of young immigrants to seek a court-appointed guardian and a green card.

Remain in Mexico deal is legally and logistically flawed

The Trump administration is currently trying to cut a deal with Mexico where asylum seekers would possibly conduct their interviews in the U.S. and then return to Mexico. The Immigration and Nationality Act does allow the U.S. to send applicants back to Mexico, but the same law also allows asylum seekers who pass their credible fear interview to remain in the U.S. Thus, the law exempts the very applicants that the Trump administration wishes to prevent from entering the country.

Judge stalls Trump's attempt to block illegal asylum seekers

A U. S. District Judge in Houston has stalled the enforcement of a new rule by the Trump administration that would block asylum seekers who cross the border illegally. This is yet another setback for the president and his efforts to impose his own restrictions without the approval of Congress. This ruling is in response to several legal groups who sued the president after he issued a proclamation saying asylum seekers who did not use official ports of entry would not be eligible for asylum. According to the administration, this is in response to the caravans of asylum seekers moving north through Mexico.

What happens when the migrant caravan reaches the border

The caravan consisting of thousands of migrants is making its way through Mexico. It is getting a lot of attention from the media, the president and local Mexicans who seem to be the only ones helping them. If they make it and depending on where they joined and where they cross, the migrants will have walked well over a thousand miles before they reach the U.S.

When can asylum seekers claim “changed circumstances?”

When someone faces persecution or physical danger in their home country, they may choose to move to the United States and seek asylum. Though the nation’s current stance toward immigration is sometimes less than friendly, the U.S. is still known around the world for opening its doors for people from all nations.

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