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Is enforcement rush violating special immigrant juveniles' rights?

If there's one problem with rushing, it's that you might skip things. In the case of rushing through legal processes, the problem is that certain issues may not get their full hearing. That's a real problem when those issues relate to due process or others of our treasured values -- or when the people needing a full, fair hearing are especially vulnerable.

We may be seeing some rushing taking place right now, thanks to the Trump Administration's urgent policy cracking down on unauthorized immigrants. According to four El Salvadoran moms who fled violence in Central America with their children, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is trying to deport kids who have already been granted special immigrant status.

California named the most immigrant-friendly state

Many things can prove challenging for immigrants when it comes to moving to the United States. Among these are immigration matters. There are a wide variety of rules regarding who is eligible to immigrate to America. Also, the process for applying for visas that would allow one to live and work in the U.S. can have a wide range of complex aspects.

Given how much an immigrant’s plans for the future can be riding on what happens in immigration matters, what guidance an individual from a foreign country who desires to move to the U.S. has when trying to navigate such matters can be incredibly impactful. Skilled immigration attorneys can advise such individuals on what visas they may have eligibility for given their circumstances. Such lawyers can also provide such individuals with advice and legal support throughout their efforts to achieve their immigration goals.

Immigrants play a big role in many industries in California

The workforce here in California has a great many immigrants in it. Estimates indicate that immigrants make up almost four out of every 10 full-time workers in the state.

And immigrants are not just found in one or two industries in California. Pretty much every work field has at least some immigrants within its workforce. And there are a wide range of jobs in the state in which a majority of the workers in them are immigrants. These jobs vary greatly in skill-level and the type of work activities they involve. Examples of jobs that have a majority immigrant workforce in the state, according to estimates, include: front-line agricultural workers, dentists, dishwashers, electrical engineers, hardware engineers, housekeepers, medical scientists, sewing machine operators and software app developers.

Could a prenup have immigration impacts?

Some events in a person’s life can give rise to family immigration issues. One such event is getting married to a person from a foreign country. When a U.S. citizen marries a foreign national, one immigration option that opens up is that they may be able to pursue a green card for their spouse.

This family immigration issue is one that many couples may be navigating these days. In recent times, some U.S. citizen-immigrant couples have been looking into moving up their wedding plans. It is thought that fear over what will happen with U.S. immigration policy moving forward is behind this trend.

H-1B workers can face many uncertainties

Working in the U.S. on an H-1B visa can open up many significant opportunities for an individual from another country. However, such workers can also be dealing with a great deal of uncertainty.

One uncertainty such workers can be facing is uncertainty on how long their employer in the U.S. will continue to hire them. This area of concern gives rise to particularly significant issues for H-1B workers, given the particular nature of this type of visa. H-1B visas are work visas for individuals in certain specialty jobs. Under this visa, a person’s immigration status is linked to their job. So, if they lose their job, their ability to remain in the U.S. can be greatly endangered.

Lawsuit filed regarding initial hearing wait times for detainees

When a person is under immigration detention here in California, there are various hearings that can be very impactful. This includes their initial hearing. Such hearings can deal with a range of complex immigration issues that can have major long-term ramifications for a person. So, when it comes to navigating the initial hearing and other immigration proceedings, an immigration detainee may want the representation of an experienced immigration lawyer.

Now, what happens in it is not the only thing about an initial hearing that can have significant impacts for an immigration detainee. Another is how long the detainee has to wait for such a hearing. A recent federal lawsuit alleges that many immigration detainees held in Southern California are facing far too long of wait times for such hearings.

Beware of immigration consultant and protection scams

With a new presidential administration in place, many changes are impacting immigrants and their family members throughout California. Changing laws, new enforcement procedures and an increased focus on deportation has heightened the fears of many. Unfortunately, this fear breeds opportunists who would seek to take advantage of vulnerable populations in our state and throughout the U.S.

Report raises questions about conditions at immigration facility

There are a variety of situations in which a person from a foreign country could end up in immigration detention here in California. One would hope all immigration detention facilities in the state would act properly when it comes to the safety and health of detainees. A recent report raises serious questions about the conditions at a facility here in Orange County.

The facility in question is a detention center in the city of Orange. The facility currently holds around 500 immigration detainees. It is run by the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Addressing temporary workforce needs through H-2 visas

Temporary workforce needs can arise for many different types of businesses here in California. Sometimes, the U.S. labor market isn’t able to meet these needs. When this happens, one thing a business may look into for filling these positions is bringing in workers from other countries.

One way such workers can enter the country is through H-2 visas. This class of visa is for foreign workers in temporary positions. There are two main types of H-2 visa. One is the H-2A visa, which covers agricultural workers. The other is the H-2B visa, which covers non-agricultural workers.

Refugees in California

How many refugees who come to the U.S. come to California? According to data on refugees, California has seen 186,924 refugee arrivals between 1995 and 2016.

Now, the rate of refugees coming to the state hasn’t been uniform over this period. It has seen its peaks and valleys. The rate was particularly high from 1995 to 2001. Compared to that stretch, refugee arrivals in the state for the past few years are down quite a bit. However, even with such arrivals being down from some other years, California has still seen thousands of refugees a year come to it in recent times.

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